Book Review: Druid Mysteries by Philip Carr-Gomm

Esoteric Moment

I wanted to do a video on one of my first introductions to Druidry, the book Druid Mysteries by Philip Carr-Gomm. First, the author has one of the most approachable and rich voices out there for Druidry. This book balances the details (history, wheel of year, visualization) that all beginner Pagan books go through with the rich treasurers needed to keep more advance seekers engaged in the material. This book is one of the reasons I looked at joining OBOD and finally decided to take the leap into purchasing their Bard Course.

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‘Tis the Season to Make Witch Balls

Moody Moons

Witch balls are an Old World pagan tradition.  Hang them in windows, over beds to ward off nightmares, in the garden to bless new growth, in kitchen to welcome good spirits or over doorways to protect the entrance.  The glass of the balls is believed to deflect negative energy.

I filled mine with all-natural ingredients like rose (for a loving home) and cinnamon sticks (for protection).  I even picked fresh green moss from the garden and preserved it using a new method I just learned.  I think it came out cute!


Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own, or if you’re not so crafty, I’ll be happy to make one for you!  Available here:

Moody Moons Witch Balls

Tiffany Michelle
Moody Moons

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The Heart Town Witch plants a garden – A story told at Yule

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

A witch had moved into this town and after a few missteps was accepted and loved by the people of the town. She lived at the edge of the town in a fantastically turreted and towered house of many colours and a garden where bluebells were really blue bells and roses had sweet faces. She went by the name of Miss Fay. The Mayor of the town had re-named her after he had found out she hated her name because it wasn’t a properly witchy name, her given name was Penelope Faery Rainbow. That just wasn’t a proper witch name and even he had agreed it was pretty awful to be a witch with a name like that so now she was Miss Fay.

One day Miss Fay decided she needed to do something nice for the Mayor. He had done so many nice things for her to help her…

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