The Dedication Ritual

Circle of the PussyWillows

Hello All,

The Circle of the PussyWillows is proud to officially welcome our newest member Soleil Autumnrosa. On February 18th, a new moon, Soleil conducted the final induction ceremony: the Dedication Ritual.

While the Dedication Ritual is a relatively private affair among circle members, we wanted to share some details with our readers. Enthusiastically, Soleil also provided us with pictures from her ceremony, so that we could share her experience.

The Dedication Ritual must be done on the new moon. The significance of the new moon is that it is a time of new beginnings. This time is perfect for a dedication to a circle because while you are still your unique self, you have begun a new chapter with others. The one performing the ritual is dedicating oneself to this new beginning.

20150218_191455 Photo by Soleil

The Dedication Ritual requires several specific items. For example, strawberries are used as the primary offering…

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DIY Dragon’s Blood Ink Recipe

The Mystical Heathen

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you a recipe for Dragon’s Blood Ink.

Dragon’s Blood Ink is typically used in spells to boost their power and strength. It can be used to draw sigils or seals, talisman making or in any spell that requires writing.

You can find Dragon’s Blood Ink on most websites. (Etsy, eBay, Amazon etc.) They cost around $5-$7 for a little bottle. But why spend that money when you can make a larger quantity at home for less money. Also, you can be guaranteed that the ink is genuine. Not some knock off from a wannabe kitchen witch. Lastly, making the ink yourself almost binds the ingredients to your energy possibly making it more potent.

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In the interests of our upcoming divination lesson this coming Saturday.

The Rayvens Layer

Scrying is an ages old tradition. It helps people to open their minds and hearts to visions. There are many ways to scry. We will touch on a few of those methods here.

Smoke Scrying
Smoke scrying is done by watching the smoke rise. Usually done by a fire pit or campfire. Focus on one spot and let the smoke form patterns before your eyes. Another way to do this is to stay in an enclosed space and pour water on extremely hot rocks. This will create steam for scrying.

Mirror Scrying
Mirror scrying is pretty much what it says. Some who scry prefer to use a mirror backed in silver, others prefer a black mirror. There are several websites that have instructions on how to make your own scrying mirror.

When using the black mirror for scrying make sure you do not see your reflexion. Look into the mirror…

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In Support of a Pagan Laity


“Clergy” is a loaded term for any faith, but it becomes especially problematic when coming at it from a Pagan perspective.

Definitions vary, but for me the difference between “layperson” and “clergy” is fairly basic. Most people focus their spiritual practice on themselves. Their spirituality is largely self-contained, and their personal spiritual fulfillment comes from their own connection with Divinity. Others find that their spiritual practice and fulfillment is dependent on serving others. Both of those types of people would fall into what I consider to be laypeople. However, when a need to serve combines with a calling to some sort of leadership role we get clergy.

This important and distinct difference gets glossed over entirely too often.

I think the line gets blurred because most of today’s Pagans are converts from other faiths, and they’re converts because the faith they grew up with didn’t meet their needs. When they…

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