Nemetona: Goddess of Boundaries and Edges, Sanctuary and Freedom Presentation

Down the Forest Path

I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Leaping Hare Pagan Conference in Colchester, Essex.  I was honoured to be asked by the organisers at the end of last year to present, give a talk on the goddess Nemetona after having received requests throughout the year following the release of my second book, Dancing With Nemetona: A Druid’s Exploration of Sanctuary and Sacred Space.

It was a really enjoyable experience. I have been going to Leaping Hare for many, many years now and there is a real community spirit, a real sense of well-being and support. Thank you to everyone for your kind words, messages and emails following the talk – may we be the awen!

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A Guide to Farmer’s Markets: Avoiding Fraudulent Farmers, Building Relationships, and How to Buy from the Best

The Druid's Garden

A trip to the local farmer’s market has become one of my very favorite activities.  Here you can sample a variety of locally-produced, high quality goods, meet interesting people, and come home with bags and bags of fresh veggies, meat, eggs, and more. But, not all farms are created equal, and its really important to have a critical awareness of who is selling what–and when–at a farmer’s market.  This post is meant as an introduction to how to support the *right* vendors at the farmer’s market and avoid people selling industrialized food who are masquerading as farmers.

I write this blog post based on my regular attendance at over a dozen farmer’s markets in three states as well as my experience in vending at our local area farmer’s market for the last two seasons, where I happened to get stuck next to what I eventually realized was a “Fraudulent Farmer”…

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Weird stuff about…


Okay y’all.  It’s been a weird start to the changing of the season, so far.

I don’t know how many of you can say that you’ve talked to or heard about conversations with other people that have been experiencing weird events in their lives.  It’s not just the spiritual kind of weird either.  But, it HAS been witnessed in folks that “normally” subscribe to a more mainstream organized religion.

Dreams, feelings, certain “talents”, shall we say, have become stronger, more detailed and it’s causing some concern to certain mindsets.  You know, I honestly believe, we are coming into another evolutionary plane, one that addresses the talents, gifts and senses that we have chosen to ignore for far too long.  In the midst of all of this, those of us that acknowledge these gifts, are being approached more frequently to try and help make sense of the events that are troubling.

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Gods & Radicals


alley fist

We Pagans are trying to re-enchant the world,
to bring back the magic of the forests and the mountains.
We are trying to hear and revere the wild places
the sacred forgotten places, the spirits of ocean and rivers and lakes.
And yet Capitalism is always poisoning these places
because it considers nothing sacred except profit,
nothing holy except wealth.
To Re-enchant the world.
we must destroy Capitalism

Welcome to Gods & Radicals!

(A Site of Beautiful Resistance)

The name ‘Gods and Radicals’ is taken from a presentation given by Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth at Pantheacon on Valentine’s day, 2015.  The presentation was packed; a room safely handling 25 people filled with 75, with many more physically unable to enter.

The point of that presentation? To help re-awaken what many see as an integral aspect of Modern Paganism–its opposition to Capitalist exploitation of the earth and all its…

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Episode 009 – A Chat With Joanna Van Der Hoeven (Corrected Copy)

Another great show!

Life With Trickster Gods

On this episode of Upon a Pagan Path, I get the chance to have a lovely chat with Joanna Van Der Hoeven, author of “Zen Druidry”, “Dancing With Nemetona” and “The Awen Alone”. We also talk for a short bit about her involvement with The Druid College, how she started on her Spiritual Path, and what’s on her digital music player.  🙂  We also have Omnia’s “Love in the Forest” from their “Wolf Love” album, and I spend some time with you on the Spoken Word segment with my own poem “Ready to Start It All Again”.  Come on in and take a short stroll upon a Pagan Path!

Joanna Van DerHoeven’s web site is located at and her personal blog is located at Please take the time to check those sites out – and don’t forget her marvelous books which can be found at

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