Day 38: Fire Cider

Mountain Man Traditional Healing



Being out in the pollen filled woods yesterday gave me a little tickle in my throat, so it’s about time to break out the batch of fire cider I made last Fall. Fire cider is a mixture of pungent herbs, hot peppers, and apple cider vinegar, used to help open up the sinuses. Let me tell you, it works if you can get it in you. Since I’ve been pretty busy today I thought I’d make a small post and just give y’all my recipe for fire cider so you can make some for yourself.

Fire Cider

1 32 oz. bottle apple cider vinegar. I like to use unfiltered, it seems to taste better and it’s easier on the stomach.

5-10 cloves of garlic, crushed

3-5 hot peppers, as hot as you can stand

1 3 inch knob of ginger, crushed

1 medium onion, peeled and diced

¼ c. chopped…

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Druidry is not democratic

Druid Life

Druidry is not democratic, and generally speaking, this is a very good thing. When people ask of Druid groups that they be more democratic, this tends to be a problem. Here is why.

In a group, grove, order, camp, or event, someone holds legal and financial responsibility. Whatever happens, that person, or those people, bear the consequences. No one should be asking for a democratic say when they are not sharing in the legal or financial risks, and the people taking the risks have to be able to make the decisions.

Similar things happen around work. If people do not have an equal responsibility for doing the work, they should not have an equal say in what happens. When plans are made by committee and implemented through the labour of a minority, this can easily become exploitative, the demands for work can be unreasonable. Generally speaking, people who are doing…

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Gypsy Dreams at the Wild Warrior Beltane Picnic Festival

Down the Forest Path

Here’s some highlights of our performance to a packed out crowd at Hadleigh Country Park this weekend – thank you all so much, you were brilliant! (Note the little man who danced the whole way through behind us – adorable!)

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Vintage Post: Dandelion “Honey”

Crowded Earth Kitchen

dandelionThis is a vintage post, but seasonally appropriate and lots of fun. Don’t spray toxins on your lawn… let those dandelions grow au naturel! The beautiful golden color and early summer fragrance of dandelions attracts bees, providing life sustaining nectar this time of year. Bees are HUNGRY in May and June, and if we want them around to pollinate our fruit orchards and vegetable gardens later in the season, we had better provide them with something to eat right now.

You can benefit from dandelions even more directly by making dandelion honey. Give this recipe a try – it’s delicious, and a great conversation starter!

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Still the World’s Oldest Shoe

The Reverend's Big Blog of Leather

I’ve mentioned this one before, back in 2010. It’s back, now with photographs. This is an updated version of Kate Ravilious’ earlier National Pornograhic article, ‘World’s Oldest Leather Shoe Found—Stunningly Preserved‘ from Dr Kaveh Farrokh’s blog.

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Hobby Lobby Founder Behind ‘Counseling’ Child Molester Josh Duggar Received (IMAGES) | Addicting Info: The Knowledge You Crave

Magickal Manners



Even though there are as many traditions as there are people, these matters of magick and etiquette apply to many pagan traditions and groups. Individuals new to the Craft are probably unaware and those aware sometimes too excited to remember so here are some helpful things to remember to keep things flowing smoothly:

  1. Always ask before touching someone’s tools, amulets, jewelry etc. Objects hold energy. A personal object can become polluted/confused when exposed to another person’s energy field. On a rare occasion an object can even “bite” you in a sense (especially athames, swords, and staffs.) Some individual’s energy fields are like delicate rain showers while others are like a fire storm, so it is always nice (and prudent) to ask first. NEVER touch someone else’s is the tool of their Will and if it tastes another person’s blood it is ruined.

  2. Once a Circle is cast…

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