Why the Pagan Community Can No Longer be GLBT+ Allies

While I wouldn’t go so far as this guy does in stating that, he does bring up some valid points. Some that I too brought up in my post on Our Pantheons Way nearly a year ago in ‘CALLING SUPPORTERS ‘HOMOPHOBIC’ DOES NOTHING TO HELP YOUR CAUSE’ http://ourpantheons.org/calling-supporters-homophobic-does-nothing-to-help-your-cause/

It’s really not wise to throw your allies under the bus while flailing around for your own personal cause. Choose your battles wisely.

Son of Hel

It is a fundamental fact about power or politics. Smaller groups band together in an alliance in order to be able to stand up to larger groups. This helps preserve the existence of smaller groups and works to get both groups what they want. Such alliances can be powerful, but the last only as long as both groups work together for mutual benefit.

When one group throws another under the bus for their own gain, that ends the alliance, effectively. Because the abandoned group can no longer trust the betrayer to have their back. The sacred trust is broken, and so each must see to their own.

This is what the Gay Community has done with their relentless attack against RFRA laws.

At their core, RFRA laws are about protecting religious freedom for all religions. To date, religious freedom laws have been used to see that Muslims can have beards…

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Author: Cianaodh Óg

Cianaodh (Pronounced Key-Ah-Knee) is Old Irish and means Ancient Fire. Óg is also Old Irish and it means Young which is my surname in modern English. My given or legal name is James "Troy" Young but my chosen, magickal name is Cianaodh Óg and most people who know me outside of my spiritual family know me by my middle name, Troy. I am the High Priest of Tribe Of the Standing Stones in Arlington, Texas - Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition and variety blogger as well as Chief High Mucky Muck at Alliance of Polyspiritual Eclectics.

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