How the Water learned to Laugh

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

DSC08358Once upon a time Water never laughed. Earth laughed. You could hear it in mud pots that burped their hot mud up. Air laughed. You could hear it in spring breezes and in old forests. Fire laughed. You could hear it in volcanoes that threw lava and watched it flow down hillside but Water didn’t laugh. She just flowed smoothly along.

Water was serious. She needed to be rain for the crops. She needed to take ships on their journeys. She didn’t have time to play. She had deserts to brighten with spring flowers. She had missions to complete. Earth didn’t have to do anything if she didn’t want to do it. Fire had other things to do and Air was there around everything.

Water was serious.

Earth was tired of how serious Water was. She was determined to make Water laugh. She threw up big rocks at the edge…

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Reaping What You Sow……..Braides …Poppets and Smudges

Rivah Hippies

As a HedgeWitch this is the season that Im at my busiest.It’s both time to process what I harvested in the spring and had curing,plus there is a ton to reap ,dry and process now.Above is a basket of some of my recent work; braides ,smudges and a Wheat spiral .Wheat is a wonderful  time honoured reagent to use in spells .Wheat contains the spirit of the earth and harvest .It is used in spells asking Gaia’s blessings,or for  growth and fertility.The braids are quite easy to make and its a simple spell for one trying to become fertile .Once made small braids can be used as altar offerings or burnt as part of a spell.

Larger braids can be decorated and used as Door besoms/wards to bring prosperity to your home .The spiral of Wheat is truly a bit of breaking out the big guns . In Celtic lore the spiral stood for the radiance of ethereal or cosmic…

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Becoming the Very Important Druid, and other quests

Druid Life

What first brings a person to Druidry? There are of course, many answers. A desire for knowledge and experiences, a hunger for mystery, wonder and the numinous. Wanting a place to belong, feeling a kinship, needing or longing for something. We all have our own reasons and all of those reasons have their own validity.

Once you get onto the path and start learning, those initial desires can rapidly stop being relevant, or can evolve. In the first year of Druidry, working on the wheel of year can seem massively important, but that very work will show you what the wheel doesn’t do, where it fails to connect with your experiences, and so one quest can lead to another, very different sort of quest, as an example.

Sometimes the way a path grows and changes is very smooth and makes total sense. Sometimes the things we start with, and the…

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Potnia, the Snake Goddess / Πότνια, η Θεά των Όφεων


0 DSC00884a A few facts which form the base of this creation:
The Snake Goddess refers to figurines found at the excavations of Minoan civilization sites at Crete.
 is an ancient Hellenic word, probably from the Mycenaean era (16 – 12th century BC ) & was used mainly as a title of honor for females, goddesses or mortals.

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When Inaction is Actually Action

Cauldrons and Cupcakes


“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”  ~ Michael E. Porter

It’s been a big Solstice we’ve come through this week, and an ending of Mercury in Retrograde, with lots of shift and growth for many. Throughout this time I’ve been watching friends and clients make major changes in their personal lives, and in their businesses. For many this period of change hasn’t just coincided with Solstice or the position of Mercury. These changes and upheavals have been coming thick and fast from the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. As the new energy of this era kicks in there has been a quickening, and so much of the old and outdated is falling away.

Since Solstice has finished and Mercury Retrograde is coming to an end I am suddenly reading messages from many coaches and spiritual leaders telling us that now is the time. That we must seize…

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Where There’s a Will

Writings of a Pagan Witch

You see so much about will (internal and personal) and WILL (external, sometimes thought to come from Deity or another source)

I came at this whole topic idea from several difference directions in my mind. And have actually rewritten parts of it several times as thought processes veer in new directions and I consider new ideas.

Manifesting Reality

We talk about having will power, usually as a way of expressing a lack. We use it as a way of refusing to take personal

Amulet of the Goddess Image

responsibility for actions. “Oh, if I only had more will power I would be able to do X.” A perceived absence of will in others is seen as a sort of moral failing. “He has absolutely no will power.” (usually accompanied by a shaking of the head)

Let’s not forget about the place for Will in magical work. I recall reading years ago that there were 5…

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The Secret Energy of Midsummer

Bealtaine Cottage ~ The Oldest Independent, Permaculture Smallholding in Ireland! Conceived, Designed, Planted and Worked by One Woman!

sustainable living at 001

As the days of early summer move inexorably towards the Solstice, life at Bealtaine Cottage takes on a brilliant energy.

Everything is growing!

sustainable living at 003

There’s a bench in my garden,  shaded by many beautiful trees, near to the lower pond, where I enjoy sitting alone, as early in the morning as I can manage… to simply be.

sustainable living at 004

“I can’t get enough of watching the bees and trying to imagine how they experience the abundance of, say, a blue Campanula blossom, the dizzy light pulsing, every fibre of being immersed in the flower. …”

~ Mary Rose O’Reilly

sustainable living at 041

Moments of such silence are overlaid with birdsong, a joy-filled backdrop to the main stage, where images manifest peace.

Flowers growing out from gravel and roses creating miracles from old tyres, are as much a part of Midsummer madness here at Bealtaine as some of the ancient celebrations themselves!

sustainable living at 039

“I know a bank where…

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Vivien: The Lady of the Lake

Kit Perriman

Vivien and Merlin

“For Merlin, overtalked and overworn,

Had yielded, told her all the charm, and slept”

(Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Most Arthurian legends feature Merlin’s love-interest, Vivien.  She usually appears as The Lady of the Lake and ruler of Avalon, but sometimes she is described by other names such as Nimue – Niviane – the daughter of a vavasor named Dionas – a princess of Northumberland – or the Queen of Sicily.  And like the great magician himself, her character has undergone several important changes throughout history.

In the majority of early versions Vivien meets Merlin by a spring in the Forest of Broceliande, Brittany.  They fall in love, share a relationship, and exchange supernatural knowledge.  The Lady of the Lake is associated with water, the essential essence of life, and she quenches the lonely old man’s thirst for companionship.  She also gives King Arthur the magic sword Excalibur, and raises Lancelot in Avalon after the death of his father. …

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Bone Sewing Needles (a brief history of…)

Rearview Mirror


A set of bone needles from the Cave of Courbet in the Aveyron Valley, near Toulouse, France. Believed to be over 13,000 years old. Image: BBC Gallery

The humble sewing needle needs no introduction. Everyone has likely seen one used or has used one to sew that damn hole in your favourite sock ! Sewing needles and clothing go hand in hand. Without the use of a sewing needle, early man would be still wearing his crude jocks around his ankles ! Our modern sewing needle is the direct descendent of the flint or bone needle (awls) used by humans thousands of years ago. The first needles would have likely been made by using a flint tool. Splinters of bone would have been cut out and trimmed roughly into a pointed shape.  It likely then went through a process of being polished smooth with sand, water and a soft stone…

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