Celtic Ogham Few Information.

magick and the green dragon

The “Ogham Fews”, also known as “tree runes” or “Druidic runes” are a wonderful tool to use to help sentient beings heal, make decisions, grow, handle problems, transform energies and evolve.   Historically, we don’t know exactly HOW they were used, we just know they WERE used. This system is my own understanding, based on general research and inspiration from a spiritual being I knew as The Merlin and from Dragons.  This is, in spite of the fact, that these originated, according to mythology, with the Celtic Being known as Ogma.

We find the trees being named, along with their attributes, in the Welsh “Battle of the Trees” (Cad Goddeau).  Robert Graves, in his book THE WHITE GODDESS saw them as a poetic system of spirituality.   Some claimed they were an everyday script; others, that they were a sacred script like Hebrew or Sanskrit; while others claimed they were a powerful…

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A call for sanity

Endless Erring

Pagan Pride. Image from Leodis Pagan Circle. Pagan Pride. Image from Leodis Pagan Circle.

I said I wouldn’t get into this, but…

Once again, various corners of Pagan internet spaces have been riven with infighting, insults and gossip. Polytheists versus atheists, archetypalists versus literalists, reconstructionists versus revivalists, and it’s getting silly.

In fact, no, it’s not getting silly, it’s getting damaging. Look, we’re a small enough minority as it is without splitting ourselves even further into smaller and smaller groups (shades of Monty Python and the Judean People’s Front) who all hate each other.

While some Pagans are busy drawing battle lines, declaring war and building walls to keep out anyone who doesn’t fit their doctrinal purity (an idea anathema to Paganism in the ancient world and one which as Ronald Hutton said “evokes the smell of disinfectant and the sound of jackboots”), we forget that we have bigger problems.

Pagans are still persecuted, and I don’t…

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Carpathian Shamans – Ukraine Molfar & Polish Whisperer’s Magical Rites

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Carpathian Shamans (Hustul) Magical Rites

A Molfar (мольфа́р) is a Carpathian Shaman in the indigenous traditions of the Hutsul (Ukrainia) culture. Called “witch” in certain eras, these Shamans have magical gifts and sacred abilities that tend focus on healing, seership, herbalism and relations with nature. Within these Molfar are also a rare few who are born to enter a more advanced path; this is of the folk-magic of Pre-History’s Dreaming shamanic tradition.

These magical shamans have different names according to the respective cultures in which they are born. In Poland the women shamans are called Whisperers and the more advanced and magical shamans, Wind Whisperers. Like their Ukraine Molfar neighbors, more women in Poland are beginning to return to the roots of their ancient practices that existed before the spread modern religion and subsequent corruption of ancient shamanic practice. The Mongolian and Siberian folk shaman traditions (which are often referred to as Tengerism) are also seeing…

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