Celtic Ogham Few Information.

magick and the green dragon

The “Ogham Fews”, also known as “tree runes” or “Druidic runes” are a wonderful tool to use to help sentient beings heal, make decisions, grow, handle problems, transform energies and evolve.   Historically, we don’t know exactly HOW they were used, we just know they WERE used. This system is my own understanding, based on general research and inspiration from a spiritual being I knew as The Merlin and from Dragons.  This is, in spite of the fact, that these originated, according to mythology, with the Celtic Being known as Ogma.

We find the trees being named, along with their attributes, in the Welsh “Battle of the Trees” (Cad Goddeau).  Robert Graves, in his book THE WHITE GODDESS saw them as a poetic system of spirituality.   Some claimed they were an everyday script; others, that they were a sacred script like Hebrew or Sanskrit; while others claimed they were a powerful…

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Author: Cianaodh Óg

Cianaodh (Pronounced Key-Ah-Knee) is Old Irish and means Ancient Fire. Óg is also Old Irish and it means Young which is my surname in modern English. My given or legal name is James "Troy" Young but my chosen, magickal name is Cianaodh Óg and most people who know me outside of my spiritual family know me by my middle name, Troy. I am the High Priest of Tribe Of the Standing Stones in Arlington, Texas - Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition and variety blogger as well as Chief High Mucky Muck at Alliance of Polyspiritual Eclectics.

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