Its a New Calendar Year – A Few Thoughts

Life With Trickster Gods

Sitting here in my hotel room in Dublin, Ireland – I find myself writing this post for the second time. The first time, I had written it in an app on the iPad, and started to copy and paste it to the WordPress web site. Unfortunately, I didn’t hit the key combination that I thought I had, and lost the post. So, I will try to re-piece it again today.

I do not do the New Year’s resolution. Not even during Samhain. I do; however, make agreements with Gods and Goddesses to work towards Their means. My Three that I work with the most are Coyote, Crow, and Fliodhas. Coyote has always asked me to step forward on my Path, but by being far less serious about myself than I have been. I have learned that to some degree; even to the point of poking fun at myself. Ritual work…

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Author: Cianaodh Óg

Cianaodh (Pronounced Key-Ah-Knee) is Old Irish and means Ancient Fire. Óg is also Old Irish and it means Young which is my surname in modern English. My given or legal name is James "Troy" Young but my chosen, magickal name is Cianaodh Óg and most people who know me outside of my spiritual family know me by my middle name, Troy. I am the High Priest of Tribe Of the Standing Stones in Arlington, Texas - Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition and variety blogger as well as Chief High Mucky Muck at Alliance of Polyspiritual Eclectics.

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