Full Wolf Moon Ritual

The Goddess Cavern

Wolf Moon- Full Moon Ritual

Also known as: Chase Moon, Moon of Little Winter, Cold Moon, Snow Moon, Quiet Moon

Today is the full moon of January, 2017. It is known as the Wolf moon in Native American tradition as this moon would appear in a time of winter and scarcity and the wolves could be heard howling outside of Native American Settlements. There is plenty of associations of wolves and the more in folklore and mythology, most notable the lore of the werewolf turning man into wolf.

A January moon speaks of new beginnings, protection, new intentions, manifesting your new goals. Now is the time to act for change. This is a good time to meditate, visualise whom you want to become and what change you wish to see in your life or in the world.

Now is a significant time to make change for the Moon is in…

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Author: Cianaodh Óg

Cianaodh (Pronounced Key-Ah-Knee) is Old Irish and means Ancient Fire. Óg is also Old Irish and it means Young which is my surname in modern English. My given or legal name is James "Troy" Young but my chosen, magickal name is Cianaodh Óg and most people who know me outside of my spiritual family know me by my middle name, Troy. I am the High Priest of Tribe Of the Standing Stones in Arlington, Texas - Spirit Of the Sycamore Tradition and variety blogger as well as Chief High Mucky Muck at Alliance of Polyspiritual Eclectics.

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